St Lawrence Marathon

Saturday April 25, 2020 — CANCELLED
See notice below for details regarding our decision to cancel.

2020 race decision regarding COVID-19

In response to the worldwide COVID-19 situation and Public Health recommendations to limit public gatherings and travel, the St Lawrence Marathon Volunteer Race Committee explored different options and variations for the race this year. After much consideration, research and discussion, we have decided to cancel the race this year. Our committee loves race day and this decision was not made lightly.

We understand that this is disappointing to many who have spent months training for this event. We spent a lot of time looking into changes we could make or how else we could structure the race so that it could still happen, while ensuring safety for volunteers, runners and our community. Logistically, the variations we considered were not going to be possible because vendors and venues are also limiting their activities and services or are unable to deliver at all. Businesses and organizations are short staffed and many, such as St Lawrence College, are now closed. This event is completely volunteer run and we are not willing to ask others to put themselves at risk in order to ensure the safety of runners and the success of this event. As a Committee we agreed that above all else, at times like this, we must prioritize the greater good above individual interests and goals.

We had hoped to have specific information regarding what we will be able to offer in terms of refunds and deferrals. However, given the unprecedented nature of the worldwide COVID-19 situation, companies who we order race supplies and services from, are also determining their refund policies. We understand that there will be significant and widespread financial impact and we ask for your patience as we wait to hear back from suppliers and service providers. This race is not for profit and is completely volunteer run. However, there are still many other expenses involved with putting on this event. By cancelling, we will have saved some costs, but there are costs we have already incurred and some that, despite cancelling, still require payment. Contrary to our cancellation policy, we do hope to be able to refund as much as possible to registrants and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this situation.

The worldwide COVID-19 situation is unlike anything any of us have encountered before and we understand it’s stressful and emotional for many. We are dedicated to working through this cooperatively and respectfully and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Normally, but especially now, each of our Committee members have important life and work demands that mean we are unable to respond as quickly as some may hope. Please be patient and understanding as our volunteer Committee works out the logistics and specifics of refunds and deferrals. We will follow up as soon as we can.

Above all else, we wish all our runners, volunteers, suppliers and service providers the best during this difficult time. Take care and be well.

The St Lawrence Marathon Volunteer Race Committee.


The St Lawrence Marathon

A Boston-qualifier marathon that follows the beautiful St Lawrence River from Crysler Park Marina to St Lawrence College in Cornwall, Ontario. As well as Half-Marathon, 10km and 5km distances that follow the scenic Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

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